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College Admission Services

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Art, Music School and College Admission Consulting Services

The application processes of music and art schools entail many detailed works that can be quite complicated and time consuming. Our college admission service program alleviates the burdens of both students and parents, by helping students prepare every feature of the portfolio application process from beginning to end.

Our services make each student's admission process easier, quicker, and more organized.

  • The college admissions process begins with the college search. We devote significant time in getting to know you and helping you target colleges that best match you academically and socially. We provide you with a well-researched, customized college list that reflects your specific needs and desires.
  • We will create a list of application, pre-screen, and audition requirements and deadlines for your customized college list. Provide general financial aid information and deadlines.
  • We will follow up with you for all requirement and steps such as submission of standardized test scores.
  • We provide essay-writing assistance: brainstorming potential topics, help editing to ensure that your voice and writing style are consistent in the essay.
  • Review and advise one complete student-prepared application.

Major Music and Art Schools

Note: You need to request this service at least 3 months before the application deadline. The service fee will vary case by case based on the nature of your needs. Please click "Request Quote" button above to submit a brief contact sheet. We will connect with you for more information and provide the final quote.