eConnect123 Certificate Program
eConnect123 Certificate Program

eConnect123 Certificate Program

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Top Musicians Recommendation Letter

Gain the credentials and marketable skills you need for success.

Our program is for the students who want to excel their skills and be successful in music or art. Each Certificate candidate works directly with our masters to craft a course of individualized study. 

At eConnect123, our goal is to help you sharpening music or art skills in every way possible, as well as to encourage the development your unique artistic expression by learning from the true masters. 

Silver Certificate

Requirement: Finish 10 hours of private lessons within 6 months. 

Gold Certificate

Requirement: Finish 20 hours of private lessons within 12 months.


  • You will receive 10% discount of the private lessons you purchase. 
  • If your lessons are all taken with one master teacher, you can expect to receive an evaluate letter along with the certificate. 
  • After you have taken more than 20 lessons from one master teacher, we will help you to request recommendation letter from your teacher.
  • Upon requested by any schools, orchestras, or other organizations, we can provide verification of your certificate.