Music audition preparation program

Music Audition Prep Program

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Music Audition Preparation Program

Are you applying for a top music school and looking for master advices?

No matter if you are auditioning for admission to competitive music conservatories or for roles in a music ensemble, we connect you with our prominent musicians and instructors who will give you guidance on how to prepare for the audition, and provide advices and critiques of your performance.

Do you want to create a music clip as Arts Supplement to strengthen your college application although you don’t plan to go to music school?

Most colleges including Ivy League Schools such as Duke, MIT, Stanford, and the top liberal arts colleges allow you to submit an optional arts supplement as an additional component to your college application. Submitting an arts supplement provides admissions officers a more in-depth glimpse into who you are. It adds to your profile, and further displays your hobbies and interests, which is always an asset in your college applications.

We connect you with our renown musicians and instructors who will guide you through this process, and provide valuable advices and critiques of your music skills and artistic expression. 

The consultation fee will vary case by case based on the nature of your needs. Please click "Request Quote" button above to submit a brief contact sheet. We will connect with you for more information and provide the final quote.