Ding Yi - Chief Tenor of Sydney Opera House, Professor of China Conservatory of Music

Ding Yi - Chief Tenor of Sydney Opera House, Professor of China Conservatory of Music

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World-renowned tenor, chief tenor of Sydney Opera House, Australia, professor of vocal music department of China Conservatory of Music, doctoral supervisor. Ding Yi studied under the famous vocal music educators Shen Xiang and Professor Li Jinwei. He successively served as a teacher of Xi'an Conservatory of Music and a soloist of the Central Opera House. Later, he entered the international music world and became the chief tenor of the National Opera House in Sydney, Australia, and the first Asian chief of the theater. Ding Yi's singing skills are profound, his performance is superb, his tone is beautiful, and his voice is pure. He is praised as the "best opera actor" by Joan Sutherland, the world opera queen, and the world opera conductor Richard Bonynge. Brilliant tenor, Australia's "Sun Pioneer" and "Australian" commented: "(He has) a world-class voice"; "(He is) a typical Verdi-style heroic tenor." In 2006, he won the "Artist Achievement Award" jointly awarded by the European Arts Council and the Italian Roman government, becoming the only Chinese artist in the world to win this award.

Ding Yi has been active on the domestic and international stages. He has cooperated with world-renowned symphony orchestras and famous conductors for many times, performing hundreds of concerts and operas. The co-operators include Lorraine Mazel, Ozawa, Richard Boningji, etc. The cooperative orchestras include the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, the Sydney Symphony Orchestra Symphony Orchestra, Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra, Queensland Symphony Orchestra, Perth Symphony Orchestra, British Welsh Symphony Orchestra, Scottish Symphony Orchestra, Japan Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra, Taipei Symphony Orchestra, China Philharmonic Orchestra, China National Symphony Orchestra, Central Opera Opera Symphony Orchestra, National Grand Theatre Symphony Orchestra, etc.; repertoire includes Verdi's Requiem, Haydn's Genesis, Beethoven's Ninth Symphony, Mahler's Song of the Earth, etc.; he has starred in Camellia Girl, Tosca, Danson, Faust, Country Knight, Carmen, Norma, Coat at the Sydney Opera House. More than ten operas, including the operas Camellia Girl and Mountain Village Teacher, which premiered at the National Centre for the Performing Arts, the opera Marco Polo in Taiwan, and the opera Zhongshan Yixian, which premiered at the Hong Kong Opera House, which won good reviews from the Chinese and Western opera industry; hosted and planned the "World's Three Chinese Teneos" Sing Chinese folk songs", "'wonderful harmony' Ding Yi and Haili concert", "'classical also popular' Ding Yi and his students' national tour series of concerts", "' floating across the ocean to see you' Ding Yi' Sydney concert", "My Sun' tenor Ding Yi solo concert", and dozens of music products The card.

In 2018, he presided over and planned the "Looking up to the peak and pay tribute to Mr. Shen Xiang"; in 2019, he served as the music director of the "Go to the People to the 70th Anniversary Theme Concert of the Beijing Federation of Literary and Art Circles"; in the same year, he served as the music director of the 16th "Beijing New Year Concert" On the stage of vocal performance at home and abroad.

Having been engaged in vocal music education and teaching for more than 20 years, many students have won awards in major domestic and international vocal music competitions, with remarkable teaching results.