About Us

Who We Are

The idea behind eConnect123 is quite simple – giving students easy access to top musicians and artists. Learning from masters is no longer for people with exclusive access only. eConnect123 levels the playing field for every student regardless of their location, background, or socioeconomic status. For musicians, artists, and educators, eConnect123 helps you to reach a broader and more diverse pool of talents. Therefore, we take great pride in the value we stand for: Quality, Inclusivity, and Simplicity

The mission of eConnect123 is to empower music and art dreamers by inspiring their talent and unlocking the creativity. Unlike other online music education sites, we don’t play middleman to “match” students with teachers, nor do we pretend to be educators ourselves by hiding teachers behind the scene. With eConnect123, our masters are at the front and center of the platform. What you see is what you get.

A Success Story

In 2021, Chengxiang Wang is admitted to the New York University's Advanced Diploma in Classical Instrumental Performance program with scholarship. His story starts with an eConnect123 masterclass...


How It Works

To connect with our masters is as simple as STEP 1, 2, 3:

Private Lessons 

You can choose any music or art masters on our platform to schedule 1-on-1 lessons to help you sharpen skills or elevate artistic expression. The lessons are great for students of intermediate or above levels, and provide necessary supplement to your regular teachers. You may find another player to share the lesson but need to specify the details in the request form. 

eConnect123 private lesson

Music or Art Critiques 

This is the best way to get master's direct feedback and guidance on your music pieces, dance performance, or artworks. You submit your pieces and receive master's critiques back in the form of a short video or live feedback session meeting. This service is best for those who's preparing for auditions and seeking expert advices.

eConnect123 music art critiques


The most cost effective way to learn from the masters. It's a very good start point for beginner students, who can get "attendee" seats to observe how master gives feedback to other students' performance. Intermediate and advanced students can sign up "player" seat to perform directly to the master and receive hands-on guidance. The cost of attending the masterclass is just fraction of taking private lessons, but you can still learn a lot.

eConnect123 music art critiques

Certificate Program

The best way to gain the credential and marketable skills you need for success. For detailed information, please visit the Certificate Program page.

Consultation Services

  • College Admission Service: For students applying music or art schools, we will help and guide you through the entire admission application process, so you can focus on preparing your audition or art portfolio.
  • Music Audition Prep: The program is designed for students applying music schools, preparing for competitions, or adding music supplement to strength college application. We help you connect to the best musician who will guide you through this process.
  • Art Portfolio Prep: For students who are applying for art school or adding art supplement to strength college application, we will get the best artist to help/guide you with your art portfolio.

Online Music and Art Store

We have products specially made by our music and art masters, such as art works, reeds, CDs, books etc. You can also find music instruments recommended by our masters. All instruments are brand-new and come with standard factory warranty. We offer the best price in the market. For detailed information, please visit the merchandise page.

Tailor-Made Events or Programs

  • Music Camps: We will organize summer or winter intensive camp to let students meet with masters in person. The locations will mostly in NYC area. 
  • Private or Public Concerts: We offer both online and in-person classical music performance for private or public events. It provides an unforgettable experience through the best classical music entertainment.
  • Masterclass package for music schools: For schools that want to offer students more access to our music masters, we offer customized masterclass packages to fit school's need. Please contact us at info@econnect123.com for detail.